As you will probably notice from my various Voltage captions, my name is Teresa. ^_^
Just like any anime/manga fangurl (that's right, with a U), I bounce alot in my interests. Thought it would be interesting to keep track of them.
My current obsession: Otome games. Particularly: Be My Princess.
Doctor Who
Sailor Moon
Other stuff
Zain background by misscasketscoffincapers

Those are called feels, MC.

But seriously. Fjskakhahakdkagjskd
This scene! Right in the feels ;_;
Especially since I just finished Hanzo’s route with a normal ending (it was so sad it made me tear up!). And Ren is so adorable. But he hurts my feels too with he said just before this scene.

Also, Hanzo looks very much like Sasuke (when doesn’t he?).

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